Influenced Media was founded by serial entrepreneur Suzanne Psaila. With a passion for all things business and start up, Suzanne has a wealth of experience to share with her clients. She has owned/owns three online stores, and 2 blogs, some of which she built up and sold for profit. You might recognise her as the founder of Molossi – a leader in the wedding industry or the owner of popular blog littlepartylove.com.au
Suzanne loves the challenge of taking a business that isn’t reaching its full potential, and growing it into a thriving, profitable success story. Seeing others prosper in the business world is something Suzanne relishes, and ultimately why she started Influenced Media.

Suzanne and her team help business owners put strategies in place that convert leads into sales. Or if you are interested in selling your business, Suzanne also knows how you should prepare to ensure maximum return on resale.

Do you ever look at other businesses and wonder where their success came from? How is it that others are exceeding sales targets, have a huge social media following, and a reach in the millions? Suzanne knows the secrets and can share them with you. She can help you engage your ideal audience, attract clients, and grow your business through social media and content marketing. Suzanne knows exactly what your clients want to see, and she can help you deliver it.

Influenced Media is not your average social media and content marketing agency. We would never advocate a one size fits all package where we simply post a couple of times a day and hope for the best. We will work with you to identify your dream client, and then find out exactly where they spend time on social media. Only then can we tailor a solution that meets your needs, and watch your business grow, together.

Services We Offer

Social Media Management & Marketing

Influenced Media we specialise in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Pinterest for businesses. We know all the secrets to maintaining a successful social media account, and how to grow your audience. We also know how to run successful advertising campaigns that convert to leads to sales, and help customers find you online.

Content Marketing / Blog Management

With a team of content writers specialising in all genres, we can guarantee authentic and organic content, aimed right at your target audience. We also know how to maximise your visibility on Google. Whether it’s a blog, video, or social media post, we know how to get your content going viral.

Business Branding

We offer logo design, digital ads, social media branding and more. Stand out from your competitors and brand your business to target your ideal client. We have a team of designers, all specialising in different areas, and can put together a design package that exceeds your expectations.

Email Marketing

Having an email list is extremely valuable. Not only do you own the list data, it is also a guaranteed way of reaching your customers, without having to navigate algorithms such as social media tends. Having a targeted email list will equate to more dollars when it comes to selling your business, if you ever choose to. We can set up automated emails to your clients, and show you how to build your customer list fast. We can also provide professional images for your email campaigns, and offer great marketing tips to hook your customers in.


Websites can be so much more than just pleasing to the eye. With the right tools, a functional website can show clients what your business is about and convert to leads and sales.  A good website will not only look great, but can also earn you extra money through content, e-products, sponsorship, and affiliates.

Woocommerce Product Entry

Let Influenced media take care of all your product entry needs. Including product entry, SKUS and inventory management.

Website Hosting

Premium website hosting with Australian based support.

Website Maintenance

Take the worry out of  updating your website, let us do it for you. We will maintain your website backups and plugin, theme and wordpress updates. One less thing for you to do!

Afterpay install

Need afterpay installed? We have you covered.

Business Ideas

Are you in a bit of a rut? Have you run out of creative energy? Or maybe you just need some business inspiration?  Let us brainstorm with you. At Influenced Media we think outside the box. We can take all the hard work you have put into your business and find innovative ways to bring your message directly to your customers. We love coming up with strategies to help your business flourish.

DIY Social Media

If you don’t have a budget for social media management or a professional marketing package, or you simply want to keep your social media and content marketing in house, our DIY system will equip you with the tools you need to succeed. You will learn the tips and tricks that we use to keep customers engaged and profits flowing. With Influenced Media you will be a social media wiz in no time.

Graphic Design

Our talented Design team will design all your marketing materials. Streamlined branding.


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